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Jet d'eau, Geneva
Scientific programme
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Scientific Programme

Outline Programme [PDF]
Final Programme [PDF]


Bone formation
Bone resorption and its regulation
Clinical disorders other than osteoporosis
Local and systemic regulation
Osteoporosis assessment and treatment
Osteoporosis pathophysiology, genetics and physiology
What's new in bone disease? Clinical/basic


Vesicular trafficking in bone cells
Growth plate biology
Physical measurement
Nutrition and bone
Stem cells
Metabolic bone disease

Opening Speaker:
Herbert Fleisch (Berne, Switzerland)

Invited Speakers:
Warren Alexander (Melbourne, Australia):
Regulation of gp130 action by the SOCS family of proteins

Andy Arnold (Farmington, USA):
Genetic basis of hyperparathyroidism including parathyroid cancer

Nina Bjarnason (Ballerup, Denmark):
GI and bone

Roberto Buccione (S. Maria Imbaro, Italy):
Membrane trafficking and podosomes

Rob Coleman (Sheffield, UK):
Breast cancer and bone

Cosimo de Bari (London, UK):
Skeletal repair by adult stem cells

Chris de Laet (Rotterdam, The Netherlands):
The assessment of fracture risk: a global perspective

Pierre Delmas (Lyon, France):
Update on treatments for osteoporosis

Michael Econs (Indianapolis, USA):
What’s new in phosphate metabolism?

Joel Finkelstein (Boston, USA):
Combination therapy for osteoporosis

Ignac Fogelman (London, UK):
PET imaging

Amanda Fosang (Parkville, Australia):
Aggrecan and the effect on growth and development

Roger Francis (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK):
Calcium, Vitamin D and bone

Ross Garrett (San Antonio, USA):
Bone anabolics: the BMP pathway

Stephen Goldring (Boston, USA):
Role of the immune system in bone loss

Miep Helfrich (Aberdeen, UK):
New insights into osteoclast diseases

Douglas Kiel (Boston, USA):
New insights into nutrition and the skeleton

Michael Levine (Cleveland, USA):
The genetic basis for resistance to parathyroid hormone

Linheng Li (Kansas City, USA):
The role of osteoblasts in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cells

Ormond MacDougald (Ann Arbor, USA):
Role of Wnt signalling in mesenchymal cell fate

Ralph Müller (Zurich, Switzerland):
Anatomical and functional CT imaging of bone

Eric Orwoll (Portland, USA):
Bone formation: of mice and men

Huibert Pols (Rotterdam, The Netherlands):
Homocysteine and bone

Miguel Seabra (London, UK):
An overview of Rab GTPases and vesicular trafficking

John Shaughnessy (Little Rock, USA):
DKK, myeloma and bone

Dolores Shoback (San Francisco, USA):
Calcimimetics in the treatment of hyperparathyroidism

Gudrun Stenbeck (London, UK):
Bone dynamics and vesicular trafficking

Hiroshi Takayanagi (Tokyo, Japan):
Role of NFAT in osteoclast differentiation

Andrea Vortkamp (Essen, Germany):
PTH/PTHrP receptor signaling and disorders of the growth plate

Felix Wehrli (Philadelphia, USA):
MRI and bone

Graham Williams (London, UK):
Thyroid and bone

Akihiro Yasoda (Kyoto, Japan):
Rescue of achondroplasia

Outline Programme [PDF]
Final Programme [PDF]

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